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Sunday, January 26, 2014

2nd Chrysalis Hatched and A New Week

The second Monarch chrysalis has hatched and will be ready for release tomorrow.  The first one didn't want to leave.  We took it outside and it just sat there.  So, we put it on a flower, and it just sat there, for hours.  It was gonna get cold again that night, so we brought it back in the house.  Three days later and it was ready to go.  Our Milkweed plants suffered great damage from the freezing temps, so I hope they can come back when it warms up. 

Last week, due to some illness and events of life, we did not do a ton of school, but we will get back on track this week.  Actually this week, is a week of more life learning, than textbook learning.  We need to prepare for County Events, which is next Sat, for 4H.  Then on Tues we have our Earth Kids meeting that had to be delayed twice in Jan, grocery shopping, and the Medieval Fair is on Friday.  It is finally supposed to warm up just in time for the Fair.  So, this week won't be a lot of textbook work.  We are planning a vacation later in the year, so the Medieval Fair will be the last field trip probably for this year.  We need to save a lot of money, plus much needed house repairs have to be done this year.  So, field trips, and paid trips will be rare.  We will be doing a monthly trail walk and picnic to local springs, but they are cheap to get into.

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