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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Break is Over

Our Winter Break, or Christmas Recess, is over.  Tomorrow we are back to a full and normal schedule.  I enjoyed the three weeks off, and got a lot done.  Caitlin finished another letter to a friend, and DJ finished reading A Separate Peace, over the break.  He is not set to start reading Romeo and Juliet until the beginning of Feb.  Our 2nd semester ends at the end of January.  So, he will be doing Grammar activities, and catching up on Science and History in that time period.

Caitlin starts what makes a bird a bird, and continues with Ancient Greece.  Tomorrow she starts Greek Myths and Legends.  She is still working her way through our collection of Magic Tree House Books, with activities. 

DJ will continue to learn about the church in the Middle Ages, Weather in Earth Sciences, and his Math of course. 

We start our weekly painting classes back up tomorrow as well.  We will be continuing to paint birds.  Caitlin picked the Penguin this time.  Both kids are also working on their 4H County Events projects, which is the first weekend in February.  Caitlin does not have enough time to finish sewing her bear, so she has come up with an interesting clothing idea for the Fashion Show and DJ will continue working on his Sea Turtle demonstration, which he will practice at our Earth Kids meeting on Friday. 

I will be glad to get back to our normal routine.

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