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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Getting Ready for Highschool Homeschool

DJ will be in 9th grade next year, and it has been on my mind forever now.  Below are the links I will be using, and some saving for further high school studies. Since I don't want to mess up his high school years, I will for the first time be buying some expensive curriculum to be sure he meets the proper requirements to get his credits.  He has done awesome with CK12 pre-algebra this year, but for Algebra, and higher I want him to have Math U See.  It is a bit expensive, but it is worth it, because I can use it for Caitlin as well.  We will use CK12 for American History, at least part of it that they offer, and possibly for Physics later on.  I have saved a Physical Education course, but have not found an appropriate Health or Foreign Language yet.  I will add those when I find what I want.|433175|102656;jsessionid=DFB97ABDC0AFBB2BEC527FE5C55B9FBC


Joseph said...

Enjoy Math-U-See!

Melissa said...

Thank you. Do you have experience with it?

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