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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Themed Art Class

Even though we painted our pumpkins on Monday, we had Art Class with my Mom today. Halloween was the theme, for us, and mom painted flowers on Christmas ornaments. She is most comfortable with flowers, and usually sticks to that. Flowers are not my strong point, but I am improving. I had this huge pickle jar, and I painted a little girls witch, a black cat, and she is pulling her pumpkin in a wagon. It is not done yet. When I paint on glass, I like to add several layers to help make the paint more bright and a thicker coat. So. she will sit and wait until I return to her. I want to put Fall leaves all around it as well. This will become a seasonal vase, or a cookie jar, something like that. I won't sell it, because it will be way to expensive to ship. DJ drew, with colored pencils, a vampire hanging from a tree with a friendly owl. He is a super fast artist, and is always done way before anyone else. I don't know how he spits it out so fast, and it looks so awesome. Caitlin did a rock pumpkin, her words, with a black cat sitting on it, a dead tree with an owl, and a moon. She did really well. Her skills are improving all the time. She also is finishing sewing her doll blanket. We are starting to think about County Events for 4H. With the holidays coming, I have to stay on top of things and not get behind.

Tuesday was a regular day of school, and so will tomorrow be. Friday is test day, and movie day.  Oh and Caitlin got her new glasses.  No more red glasses.  I think I like these better.


betchai said...

beautiful art work, Melissa, if I were near, would love to attend your art class, seems like you all are having a great time.

Melissa said...

That would be so much fun! Art class with friends is even better.

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