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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Painting A Thankful Tree

Yesterday, was Columbus Day, and we had no school. DJ did do a book report, and Caitlin colored a picture for a 4H contest, but other than that no official school work was done.

Instead, we went for a walk, planted broccoli, cleaned out the rabbit's room, and then painted a Thankful Tree on our front door.

I have seen these before done with construction paper, which just seems like a lot of work. Painting did take a while, but was far less work than using construction paper. I did the tree, and then we all painted on leaves. Each day from today until Thanksgiving, or until the leaves are full, each of us will write something we are thankful for on the tree. I love this idea, and I might just leave it there for as long as it decides to stay there. We used acrylic paints, flat edge brushes, and blending for the leaves. Caitlin has to wear a patch on her right eye, for the next four weeks, so she just couldn't get her one eye to cooperate with her hand to make leaves, so she did the grass, refilled paint as needed, and held the paint plates for DJ and me.

The weather is much cooler today, though still damp and humid, but it feels awesome. I love when the hot and sticky stuff leaves, and the wonderful Florida weather arrives.


UniqueNique said...

Excellent they did a great job and what a wonderful idea ;~D

Melissa said...

Thank you Monique, and thanks for visiting my blog. We had a ball doing it, and hoping it will stay there for a long time.

Brinda said...

gr8 pics with gr8 idea .

Melissa said...

Thank you, Brinda!

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