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Monday, October 22, 2012

Painted Pumpkins and Girly Scarecrows

Today we went for our morning walk, then DJ did Math and had his oral exam for FLVS Science class. He also had a writing assignment on his blog. Caitlin did a variety of things, but mostly cleaned her rabbit room and did chores that she didn't do the other day.

Then, after lunch, we painted our Halloween pumpkins. We did this last year too, but with a better outcome this year. I wanted mine pink. So, I put on a base coat of pink paint. Then I put on a bear outline, kind of panda bear looking. Then DJ distracted me, and got me laughing and poof I painted a goofy face right on the bear. Now it is a funny looking bear with a big face on its belly. Good thing it is Halloween, LOL! Caitlin did a cat, no surprises there, she loves cats. DJ's is typical of a boy. He painted a shirt, pants, bellybutton, and then on the back in a funny curve of the pumpkin where your pants might hang too low, something no one needs to ever see. LOL he is a jokester just like his dad.

Next, we raked leaves, and made a scarecrow. This is actually our first one. Caitlin wanted a girl scarecrow, and you can see the results. She now sits in our wheelbarrow, on a bed of leaves, with mine and Caitlin's pumpkins in the wheelbarrow with her. She refuses to sit with DJ's LOL! His is on the porch step. A fun day indeed! Do you make a scarecrow, carve pumpkins? Please share.


Anne said...

I love how you made Arielle the scarecrow. She just needs a fin. The pumpkins are adorable. I haven't gotten anything for pumpkins.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Anne.

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