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Sunday, January 27, 2013

4H County Events

Each year the county we live in, and all the surrounding counties, have 4H County Events. Each group, and their members get to show off their talents, and win ribbons. All first place winners are eligible to go to District Events. This is our third year in 4H, and I really would like DJ to do Districts. Last year I didn't force the issue, though they really wanted him to. This year I am going to try and be a bit more forceful. Caitlin got 1st place for Fashion Review for her leopard print jacket and skirt. DJ got 1st place for his demonstration on the Fire Ant, and 3rd place in Photography. Each year I tell him he should enter a picture that has to do with Agriculture, and each year we enter another cool photo he took. Every year he gets second or third place, and a cow, chicken or plow wins 1st place. Maybe we will actually take our own advice one of these times. He has pictures of chickens, and horses, but they just don't seem all that interesting, lol! The one cow picture that did win 1st place, was exceptionally unique, I have to say. I never thought I would say that about a cow. I love County Events because I always get to take the Saturday off, and don't have to work. Love it, LOL! Today, we went to church and the kids and hubby are now doing yard work. Yay! Back to school tomorrow.

Oh, the first picture is Caitlin and the fish bowl she painted earlier in the week.

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