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Monday, January 7, 2013

Back To Homeschool and A New Adventure Too!

It is funny to me how one thing falls apart and a new one grows instead.  Today, we were back to school from a lovely, and much needed break.  It was sluggish and slow at first, but we finally got into the groove of things.  As always, we didn't take an absolute complete break from schooling, but only two days a week, an hour at best.  So, basically no school.  We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, as I hope everyone did. 

We were going to join a bowling league, but that fell apart when the person doing it became ill.  So, I was kind of bummed for her and for us.  The kids were really excited.  But, then a member of our homeschool group decided she wanted to start a run/walk club, with the goal being that the kids run a 5k race in early Summer.  DJ jumped at this chance, and even Caitlin is excited.  DJ loves to run.  Now he is not a long distance runner, and he thinks he has stamina.  I guess we will find out, lol!  I will not be running.  At the age of 43 I would like to keep my knees in the same good health they are currently in.  However, I can tell you, being that I am short, I mean vertically challenged, and I get with people with longer legs I get a workout just trying to walk with them, LOL!  We start tomorrow!  No rest for the wicked.  We will also have to keep up with our studies, if it interferes with school I will have to make them stop.  That is usually motivation enough.  Plus, we still do 4H and Earth Kids. 

I have evaluated our school lessons, over the break, and made a few changes.  DJ will be finishing up Science on FLVS, he is about half done with segment 2.  And today, he started Language Arts and Photography.  The Photography will go well for him, because he is finishing up the last book from 4H Photography, and he really enjoys it.  By grade 9, I want him to be doing 3-4 classes on FLVS.  This was a hard decision for me, but I think in the end this is what will be best for him in the long run.  Because, he wants to go to college, and it will assure he gets all the credits he needs to graduate with a diploma without added expense.  Caitlin can not start FLVS until 5th grade, and that is another thing I want to stress.  Her work is way too easy, and I need to really challenge her the second half of this year.  DJ doing FLVS will alleviate some of the time I have to spend with him, to free up time for Caitlin to begin much harder Math, and Writing.  Two very important subjects to me.  DJ will continue his Social Studies curriculum, 4H books, Reading, and Writing.  I am also switching him from Saxon Math, to two online Math programs.  One very challenging, that is basically Algebra, and one that is at the pace he was currently doing Math.  Again, this is to free up time for me to work with Caitlin more on Math, and the instructor online can do DJ, and the grading.  Grading takes up so much of my time.  Of course I will continue manage and evaluate their progress, plus keep all record keeping in line.  I am looking forward to the second half of our school year.


Small Town Mommy said...

It sounds like you have a lot of ambitious plans for 2013. Good luck! I am sure they will be wonderful.

Melissa said...

Maybe too much! I hope not though, because I want to complete them all.

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