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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No Rest For the Wicked!

Man, I must be wicked, lol! Today was a more restful day, than yesterday. Yesterday, was our first run'/walk club date. The kids ran and DJ's sneaker fell apart, lol! He hardly ever wears sneakers. He loves Crocs and runs in them all the time, surprisingly well. I did tell him he had to get a pair of running sneakers if he was going to take the race he wants to do seriously. So last night, and for now until I am sure he is going to do it, we bought a cheap pair of running shoes that feel good on his feet. Also, he grows out of shoes like every other month, so by then he should know if he is serious or not. I did not run, but I might give it a go after a bit. We have been walking three days a week, over a year, but that is not really the issue. Those of you who know me, know what I am getting at. I walked very fast though, and since we walked from our house to the meeting place and back, I got extra walking time, lol. Then we had to finish school, go the library and then off to our Earth Kids meeting. I was so tired last night. So tired, I couldn't sleep. How does that make any sense?

Today, was a more traditional day, and some rest for me. Since my goal is to challenge both of my kids, academically this second half of the year, DJ began two new FLVS classes today. Now, I know some of my Florida friends are going to say how is virtual public school a challenge? Well since he still has to do those three, plus keep up with his other work, it is a challenge trust me. Plus he has to learn to navigate the system, speak to other teachers than me, and learn to communicate in an effective way when he needs help or has a question. Today, we had three conferences with all three teachers. You have to have a monthly call each month, and then oral exams are done over the phone as well. Since he has to do at least three assignments per week, per class, I think he is being challenged quite well now. Of course, I wouldn't say he is overly thrilled, but he wants to be a Marine Biologist specializing in Photography, so that means college, and that means it isn't going to be a cake walk. Since, I still have to get Caitlin learning harder Math, Grammar and Writing, this frees up my time to really push her the second half of the year. She started multiplication yesterday, much to her unhappiness, and actually she seems to get it already. I really hope that proves to be true, lol!

Well that is it for me, for today. Tomorrow we run/walk again, and do school, plus I want to get testing done tomorrow because Friday morning we grocery shop and the kids want to watch Mulan at lunch time. So, that is a lot to get done. Hope your week is serving you well on this Wednesday!


Small Town Mommy said...

It sounds like everyone is working really hard. I hope they have a fantastic second part of the year.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Anne. I try to not let us get behind, because catching up is not fun and even harder. I hope all is well with you and yours, as well.

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