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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back To the Cold!

We have had about three weeks of Summer like weather. It was heavenly. Now today it is raining and about 30 degrees colder. It was the first day we had to miss our Run/Walk Club. But don't worry we are making it up on Monday. I had so much to do this week, and believe it or not I got most of it done and I still have tomorrow.

We had to go through all of DJ's photo since September, and pick one to enter in County Events next Saturday. Then you have to order it, mount it, and make sure it fits all the crazy rules. Yesterday, we had to make an emergency run to my Mom's to get Caitlin's leopard print skirt, that my Mom sewed for her. All the entry forms, and items have to be turned in tomorrow. Plus DJ has to tweak his demonstration and then practice it. All before next Saturday. Thank goodness he has all the data, now just needs to organize it. This year he is doing Southern Fire Ants. A huge nuisance here, but they do actually do some good too. The only thing I have not been able to keep up with is blogging and email. I haven't checked my email since last Saturday. I hope there was not anything important in there, lol! Speaking of email, I wanted to share the website School Express. I have been receiving their newsletter, each week, for almost a year now. I had it before, but then forgot about it, so I signed up again. Each week they send you a free themed unit. I have enough that I can use them for Caitlin for next year of school, mostly Science stuff, so that is awesome. I don't start planning for the next school year, until we get a little closer to the end of this one. Speaking of Science, for Christmas, each of the kids got a mini Science kit in their stocking. Since Caitlin has never seen snow, she got one to make snow. Now it was cold, and white, but trust me was not the texture of snow. And it does not melt. Now she has been playing with this cup of snow for about a week. Today she came out and showed me that she had made a snowman. LOL isn't he cute? Tomorrow we have horseback riding lessons. Have an awesome weekend!


betchai said...

and now it is our turn to get warmer here, we will be in the 70's this weekend and all week next week, though mornings still are in the 30s-40s, but welcomes the warmth.

Melissa said...

OOOH 70 sounds so nice right now. We had a meeting at the park today and I felt like a giant popsicle.

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