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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Favorite Free Apps

As promised I will share my favorite apps that I have used so far.  There have been several that were not worth the time it took to download, and they have been removed.  I have a 12 and 8 year old, so most of these are geared at that age group, medical, gardening, games, reading a couple of others.  You will not see any music apps.  I hardly ever listen to music.  I do love to read though.  So, here they are.  Oh, and they are all free, no paid, though some of them were the free app of the day, and probably are no longer free.  If they are not, I probably would pay for these ones anyways.  I did have one on gardening that was good, but after I read it I didn't want it anymore.  These apps work on my Android run tablet.  I did not buy an expensive tablet, 89 bucks, and I love it.  Works awesome, and does everything I need and want.  My children are only allowed to use the tablet for educational apps, other wise they are on the laptop.

SAT Free
Words With Friends
Words Scramble with Friends
Gre Word List
My Spelling
School in Mobile:  This particular one my kids have not used yet, and they are adding new content.
Amazon Kindle for Android
Amazon App Store
Brain Pop
Beans Quest:  My kids really like this one and they each get a turn when they have complete other work.
Child What Time
Children's Bible
Counting Coins
Droid Sky View:  This one is awesome if you can get a clear night
Free Kindle Books and Tips
Interactive Telling Time:  This is actually too young for my daughter, but she likes it anyways gets free fish.
My Spelling
Overdrive Media
What's For Dinner

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