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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Creative Photography and Abstract Art

Ha, two posts in one week, lol! DJ is taking Creative Photography through FLVS. This is a fun class, and while most days we are limited to what we can take pictures of, DJ finds a way to be creative and complete the assignments. The other day his class, and him, had to browse famous photos from the Great Depression. Their assignment was to duplicate images, of children, that would fit into the Great Depression theme. He took the first picture using black and white setting, and setting the timer. I think it is such a beautiful picture even though the title was, two children looking for a better day. The second one is supposed to look like snow and the little girl is waiting for the snow to stop, so she and her family could go stand in the soup lines for food.

Since I have been painting, I have tried to figure out the art of Abstract Art. Honestly I don't usually see anything. Yet, I thought I should expand my knowledge and thinking, and try it. Yet still I thought I better do some research. In my research I learned that it isn't really supposed to look like anything in particular, and you are not supposed to get it. You are supposed to feel it. Huh? Yes, feel it. The image should make you feel some kind of emotion. Matter of fact the one website I was reading on said to paint to music, since abstract art is like music without lyrics. She suggested listening to music and just let your brush flow with the music, or whatever you might feel while the music is on. OK so Hip Hop my painting will be jumpy and hyper, Ozzy agitated and angry, Country sad and lonely, Classical soft and smooth, Opera hmm I don't know because I can't actually listen to it. Every high note will cause me to keel over dead. So, I might actually try this Abstract Art idea, to music. It might be quite interesting what comes of it.


betchai said...

DJ is very creative, love his concepts, just to think he thought about what the message should be first then composing the photo, and then shooting, is really so impressive.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai.

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