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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mud Puddle Art

Who knew a little mud puddle could be so beautiful? DJ is taking Creative Photography, through FLVS. Today, he had a lesson on frames in pictures. Of course this is not a frame, but Caitlin found the flower on our walk, and DJ added it to the mud puddle. I think it is very attractive. We continue with our Run/Walk Club twice a week, and we all sleep super well at the end of those days. It seems I have other run out of things to say, or am too tired to worry about blogging, lol. I promise I will try to squeeze in some more posts. We are very busy, so I should have plenty to talk about. DJ will finish up his Science for FLVS, this week, leaving him with Photography and Language Arts. Since I am a huge fan of doing Math all year, even over Summer Vacation, I have decided to sign him up for a half semester of Math on FLVS. It won't start until April, so he will be at the end of the other two classes. Virtual School seems to be working well for him, so I really want to continue with it, and it frees up my time to spend more time with Caitlin in areas she really needs to advance on. Plus, DJ can still be supplemented with stuff I choose for him. Academically he has had an awesome and constructive year. DJ and Craig have also started Archery lessons on Saturdays, which they love. Finally something sports oriented that they both can enjoy together. I am so happy.

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