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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl 47 and Picture Editing

Unless you live under a rock, you know the Superbowl is tomorrow. We love football around here, well at least my husband and I do. I think the Niners are going to blow the Ravens out of the water. We have been invited to a friend's house this year to watch the game. Since I work Saturday graveyard shift normally I would decline such an offer. However, these are good friends and I have already warned them that I can be quite cranky and they should just ignore me if I am, lol! I think Monday will be a late start to school as we won't even get home probably until midnight. Caitlin only cares about the Puppy Bowl, and we record it every year and she watches it over and over. If you don't know about the Puppy Bowl, it is two hours of cuteness on Animal Planet. Check it out!

I have been saying forever that I need to add watermarks to DJ's images, and mine too, but I never seem to get around to it. On Wednesday we were supposed to be doing horeseback riding lessons, but it was so windy, up to 70 miles and hour, that it was deemed not safe. So, we hung out and visited, same friends we are going to for Superbowl, and DJ of course took lots of pictures. Poor Honey has been in so many pictures, she is bored of the whole thing. She is a beautiful dog though. Picasa is where I have been uploading and storing my pictures forever, so I choose to stay with them. They have some awesome editing options and I got to play with a few. I need more time, lots more time, if I am going to get to all of them.

So do you watch the Superbowl and who are you rooting for?

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