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Sunday, May 4, 2014

4H District Events

Yesterday, was our 4H District Events. This was DJ's first year attending Districts. Not because he didn't qualify, but because I always had to work on Saturdays. This year, I made sure I was off. It is run slightly different than County Events, which is in January. DJ did his Leatherback Sea Turtle demonstration, and he did win a blue ribbon. I am not sure of his score, because I don't have the score cards back from Districts or County Events. That is how he gets feedback to see where he needs to improve. I tried to get the video to load here, but it will not load. I have no idea why. Caitlin did not participate in Districts, even though she qualified, but next year she will be required, by me, to do a presentation at County Events. Once a child reaches 14, they are in the Senior level, and then if they win a blue ribbon at Districts they go on to the state level. Next year, DJ will qualify if he wins the blue ribbon. It is a busy and tiring day, but it is worth it for the kids to do.

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