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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Looking At the Moon

I will admit, I am fascinated by the moon and stars. I don't know why, just curious I guess. We had about two weeks were it was clear at night, something that is unusual this time of year. So, Caitlin, and I, were outside every night playing with those two apps I shared a couple weeks ago. It is nice because you can zoom in on the planets, and moon, and see them up close in detail. Like a telescope without owning a telescope. It was a full moon last week, so I decided to shoot some images while she was busy looking at everything. Saturn was right close to the Moon, so that was cool to look at. The last three were actually taken a couple of days before the first three, and are the best ones I think. Do you and your kids like to look at the moon and stars? Do you ever try to take good night pictures?

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