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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We Are Testing These Next Two Weeks

This year, I am taking a different approach to the end of the school year, by testing.  We don't normally test.  DJ is working his way through his for 8th grade, and he has a 9th grade Language Arts test.  Plus he has two 4H project books to finish up some odds and ends.  He painted the cover for his 4H Marine Biology book last night.  I will finish putting it together for him, today, I hope. 

We had a couple of unexpected tangles to work through, but thank goodness they did not effect our homeschool day.  Caitlin will begin her testing next week.  She is working on an end of year writing assignment.  She is trying her very best to have good content, capitalization, and spelling.  Those are her three focal points for her end of year writing assignment.  Her spelling has improved so much this year, I am so pleased with that. 

We were supposed to go to the Springs for an end of year picnic for our Run group.  But, they are all flooded and the tangles I mentioned above interfered with all that. 

I look forward to our Summer adventures.  We have family visiting at the end of June, both my sisters, then DJ heads off to Summer camp the very next week.  Vacation Bible school will be after that, and then our homeschool evaluations.  June and July is looking pretty busy.  Plus, we are doing Geography, Math, DJ will be finishing up Forensics, and he wants to do a computer class.  The last one might get put off until the new school year.  No full days of school, and not every day either. 

How do you end out your school year?  Do you school over the Summer?  Share your thoughts.  I love to hear from fellow homeschoolers. 

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