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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

School, Birthdays and Baking Soda~!

OK, I will admit that is a weird title, lol.  My daughter will be ten years old, this week.  We are having her birthday on Thursday, a pool party.  Usually she gets to pick if she wants to have a fancy party, with all the favors, and decorations and all that nonsense, or an expensive gift.  We do not do both.  Last year she picked the big party, and she had a lot of fun.  This year, she decided she wanted a year membership to Animal Jam, and just have a few friends over for cake and swimming.  So, all this week we are preparing for a swim over.  The backyard, and pool, need a lot of preparing.  So, on top of school the kids and I are working hard to get it all ready.  Plus the weather is awesome, so we are doing Run Club twice this week. 

Then, Caitlin has two friends that also have birthdays this week, with parties.  So on Sat, we will go to one party, stay awhile, and then head to the second party.  We had to do this last year too. 

So, what about the Baking Soda?  I have read several places that using Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide on your stove will clean off the black burnt stuff.  So, on Monday I made a beautiful paste using the above ingredients, and slopped it all over my stove.  Now, technically only one burner really needed it, but why leave the other three out.  I left it on for something like three  hours, and then proceeded to wipe it off.  I have to say it did take a lot of the yuck off, but it also left a gritty leftover film that I do not like at all, just more work to get it off, and if you are not careful, which I was not you will plug your burners with the mixture and then yes more work.  So, for now, I will stick with Mr Clean Magic Eraser, it works just as good, if not better, leaves no film and does not clog my burners.  Of note this stove is old, real old, it was in rough shape when we bought the house.  So, whatever mysterious stuff is on there, might never come off no matter what I use.

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