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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Burning A Crayon for Emergencies and Cinnamom Bun Sausage Rolls

I did not take a picture of the cinnamon buns when done, but you will get the idea. These would be perfect for a holiday party or quick breakfast. All you need is a can, or two, of the refrigerated cinnamon bun rolls and some breakfast sausage. Preheat your oven, according to the package directions, and lay your buns out on the baking sheet. Insert one breakfast sausage into the center of the cinnamon bun. It will look a little odd. Then bake them as directed and add the icing as soon as you take them out of the oven. Now, next time I will just cook the sausages quickly in a pan, to brown them, let them cool and then insert them into the buns. I also made some without icing, and used Maple Syrup on top instead. They were really delicious both ways.

Every year, at the end of the school year, I clean out the crayon, pen and pencil bucket. In previous years we have had a ton of little tiny pieces of crayons that would never be usable again. However, my kids now paint, use colored pencils, and markers for their art work. So, there were a lot of nice whole crayons still. I had read a while ago that a crayon would burn up to two hours in an emergency, others said 30 minutes. Well, I thought it was the perfect day to try. Before I say how I did it, I noticed a few things that I would not do. Burn the candle upright sitting on something. This is silly since it could just fall over and burn down your house, tent whatever. Burning the candle from the pointed end. This is common sense that it would not work this way, but I will let you know I tested it, and it did not work this way. There is too much wax, and not enough paper to get the candle burning, and maintain it.

So, I tried it a couple of different ways. First I got one of my old candle jars, with wick less candles scraps in it. I broke a Crayola crayon in half, and lit it. It did take a bit before it started to really burn, maybe 15 seconds. I timed it, and after 30 minutes it was still burning, even though it appeared all the paper was gone. Next, I tried to burn a crayon that had no paper left on it. Nope, it just melts and does not burn. Third, I tried to stand the candle up, in the jar, and burn it. The pointed end will not burn, even the other end did not stay burning more than a couple of minutes in the upright position. I am not sure why that would be, but it is true. Also, not all crayons are created equal. We have a variety of crayons, Crayola, Roseart, and some Dollar Tree ones too. The cheaper the crayon, the worse the results. The really cheap ones don't burn at all. The paper will not even light, odd right. And the wax when hot fizzes and sparks like a Sparkler on 4th of July. Very weird. But they are useless for burning, because they don't burn. Also crayon wax stays very hot, for a very long time. Candle wax cools instantly when removed from flame. Not crayon wax, trust me. So, now I have a huge Ziploc bag full of crayons. Lucky for me it is hurricane season and these babies might come in handy in my ready bin. They would make excellent fire starters for camping and hiking too. They are light weight and small. Oh and by the way, that is not a baby sitting by the candle, it is my daughter's doll.

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