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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Otter Springs Camp Ground in Florida

Both my sisters, and their families, are here visiting us in FL. They are both camping but at two different places. This makes for interesting times seeing everyone. Today, we spent the day at Otter Springs and Campground, with Norma and George. There were thunderstorms on and off all day, but there is an inground pool, that is in a large screen house type building. That is nice, because even if it didn't thunder all day, the springs are not able to be swam in at this time. You probably have seen me blog about Otter Springs before. We did a clean up day there with our 4H group, two years ago, and every year our 4H county award dinner is held at Otter Springs. They have a beautiful banquet hall where a lot of families come, camp and hold their reunion there. I had never actually been down by the springs. The spring itself is nice and clean, but due to Spring flooding there is still a lot of ponding and icky water sitting around. DJ said he saw a snake in the water by the scummy side, but I didn't see it. This spring is rather deep, the marker set in the water had the water at 7.40 feet of water, and that was a very quick drop off. So, you would have to be very careful if swimming with small children there. It is a beautiful place to camp and see the more natural side of Florida. Check it out sometime if in the area. Tomorrow we are off to Shired Island to see my other sister and her family, and then Tues we are hoping to get out to the Atlantic Ocean, one of my husband's favorite things to do.

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