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Friday, June 20, 2014

Free or Frugal Friday Homeschool

We have family coming to visit from out of state, this next week.  So, I am not sure I will be able to blog.  I will try. 

This week Caitlin read a book about the Oregon Trail, on We Give Books.  They have a Summer reading program.  We opted to not do the activity, but she did watch a video about the Oregon Trail.  This is of course free, and books are donated to kids in need after your child reads.

Camp Wonderopalis, also free, is giving me the same issue as last year.  We used it twice and now I can not log in.  This is a total annoyance and I probably will not try again. 

If you are someone that uses manipulatives when you teach Math, then you know they can be very expensive.  You can use anything though, that you have a lot of.  For example this week, Caitlin and I used some of the many beads that were given to her.  They are plastic, and a nice size, so they work perfectly.  You could use candy, cut up straws, toys like Pet shops or other figurines.  Anything that are small, but not too small, that you have a lot of .  Legos comes to mind too.  We don't do Legos, I find them more of a pain than useful. 

DJ continues with Introduction to Forensics, on Coursera, free of course.  DJ, and I, also started watching his Math U See videos for Algebra 1 for next year.  These are not free, lol, but they are very useful.  The gentleman is easy to listen to, stays on track mostly, and explains things in a way you can understand. 

Here are some free resources that I have been saving, and maybe you would like to use too.  I am trying to clean up my favorites, so sharing them here makes more sense as a filing source.

Virtual Eye Dissection:
Writing Exercises:
Pond Life Microscope:

Come back for more free ideas next week.

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