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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Visit to One of My Most Favorite Places in Florida: St Augustine Beach

If you have been following along with our family fun vacation, then you know we have been to Otter Springs, Shired Island, and now St Augustine Beach. Yesterday, we took my sister and her husband, to St Augustine Beach. We first went to St Augustine last year in March, with my father in law. We visited the Ripley's Museum, and rode the trolley. But, my FIL really wanted to visit the ocean. It was very cold, but we took him out to St Augustine Beach, and we were hooked. We have not gotten back out there until yesterday. St Augustine is a small historic town right on the Atlantic Ocean, South of Jacksonville and North of Daytona Beach. It is an amazingly beautiful beach, and huge. There were a lot of people there, couldn't even find a parking space, but the beach is so large it seemed empty. The water is blue and beautiful. Of course my kids just loved the waves. You do get sunburned very easy on the ocean. It was probably 95 degrees yesterday and with the breeze you don't feel really hot. After about three hours a thunderstorm rolled in and got everything we had on the beach soaked, lol, so we left. My husband and I have vowed to go back at least once a month, since we just love it there so much. Where we are in Florida, everything is like 2-3 hours away depending on weather and traffic. All the big beaches anyways. Clearwater, St Petes, Orlando, Jacksonville, Destin places like that. Anything more south of Tampa is going to take us too long to be worth the trip. Today, is Wednesday, and they went back to Shired Island to see my other sister. We opted to not do that as it is not our favorite place to be, and with sunburns already we saw no need. Tomorrow is a huge chance of rain, so everyone is coming here to our house to swim, and have Chinese food. My one sister leaves Fri morning, and I have to work, so tomorrow will be our goodbyes. Seems to have gone so fast.  Oh and DJ found a deceased Star Fish and brought it home.  I will be putting it in resin for him and making a Christmas ornament that he can keep forever. 

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