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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World Sea Turtle Day and A Sea Turtle Class

As you may have read, DJ wants to be a Marine Biologist.  Matter of fact his 4H presentation this year was on the subject of the Leatherback Sea Turtle.  So yesterday, which was World Sea Turtle Day, we went to a Sea Turtle class, at the local library.  The Sea Turtle Conservancy, located in Gainesville, FL put on the class.  It was a very interesting class, and I learned quite a bit.  DJ said he did not learn anything new, lol.  The gentleman giving the class was more than happy to answer our millions of questions.  Most importantly I wanted to know if the turtle numbers had improved since they began in the 1950's.  He said yes, and that Loggerhead Turtles were close to be being removed from the Endangered Species list.  Something like 20 years from now, not tomorrow or anything, but still they are making progress.  Some of the things I took away from it were:

1-  If you see garbage, plastic bags or helium balloons on the beach pick them up and throw them away.  Sea Turtles, and other marine life will eat these and die.  They do gently encourage people to not even use these products, but they realize this is not an easy task.

2-  If you are lucky enough to see sea turtles making their nests on the beach don't bother them.  They can actually get spooked and leave the nest without finishing.  Don't flash a camera right in their face.  Don't be loud.  They do offer a turtle walk in Melbourne, FL where you can watch the sea turtles in the nesting process.  There are only a few spots left for this year.  We will definitely be signing up to do this next year.  What a wonderful experience. 

3-  Use LED lights if you own a hotel or business on one of the beaches that the sea turtles nest on. 

To read more about sea turtles and how you can help, visit their website.  They have some neat events coming up soon.  Watch for the Tour De Turtles, check it out on their website. 

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