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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014/2015 Daily Homeschool Schedule

Below you will see what our daily schedule will look like.  I do re-evaluate often, so it could change.  Wednesdays, starting in two weeks, will be our Run Club day in the mornings.  So, I am not quite sure how that day will look.  But, most likely will be a rotating thing with Math being a priority.  DJ has been working his way through the AP American History course, all Summer.  So, I am comfortable with 30 min classes for him and that class.  He did 9th grade Language Arts last year, but will be doing some Reading and Writing this year.

DJ Grade 9

9-10  Marine Biology
10-1030  Foreign Language Japanese
1030- 1100 Music- Reading Music and Ocarina   will be adding guitar eventually
1100-1130  Reading and or Writing  The Hunger Games book one
1130-1230 Lunch
1230-130 Algebra 1
130-200  AP American History
200-300  Nutrition and Cooking

Caitlin Grade 5

9-10  Science T4L
10-11 Language Arts T4L plus Reading and Writing with me
11-1130  Evan Moor American Revolution and Geography with me
1130-1230  Lunch
1230-130  Math Grade 56 Saxon with me
130-2  Art
2-230  Make up work, free time or other lessons chosen by me

Both kids will also be doing our Earth Kids Club, which for now is completely online.  If you want to join in, the first project has been posted.  They will be done monthly. You can find it by going to Facebook and doing a search for Tri County Earths Kids Club.  Anyone can join, it is free, and I try to make all activities so any age group can join in. 

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