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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Osmosis Experiment Results

I forgot to take pictures of the experiment, but at first it didn't work real well.  I knew I had Iodine just could not find it.  So, we put plain water in two ziploc bags, and then put them in a jar of water.  I had Blue Kote, which I thought had Iodine in it, so we put that in the water of one jar.  Nothing happened, at all.  We waited three days and nothing.  So, I found the Iodine in the First Aid Kit in the car, and it was non colored Iodine, ugh.  We thought we would try it anyways.  So, I left the Blue Kote in the water and added a bit of the Iodine to it.  That worked!  We checked it the next day and the water in the bag was a pretty lavender color.  Diffusion was very easy to see and demonstrate.  We need to study Osmosis just a bit more, I think, to be sure both kids understand it.

I changed DJ's schedule just a bit.  I was reviewing the AP American History, and it is more in depth than I realized.  So, now he will be doing 60 min of History, instead of 30, and 30 minutes of Nutrition, instead of 60. 

Happy Homeschooling!

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