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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grow Plants From Tops and Watch Roots Grow Earth Kids Project

Our Earth Kids project for September 2014 is live on our Facebook page. Join in if you want. The original idea for this was with succulents, but I decided to make it a true experiment by using various plants. Some I already knew would grow from the tops of veggies, like carrots, onions, lettuce, cabbage, etc. Some we are seeing if they will, and we even put in a flower cutting from our garden to see if it will take root. Plus how much dirt does a plant need. These plants have none, just water. This also accomplishes the experiment for photosynthesis with the bubbles produced on the items submerged in water. I was surprised to see that the potato peel and carrot tops immediately sunk to the bottom. The onion top and lemon top, both stayed floating at the top. We also added a piece of celery, one piece from the top of the stalk, and one from the bottom. Caitlin put a Phlox stem in hers to see if it will root, and DJ put in a piece of Rose stem. This project should show kids how roots grow, and they will see it, and how some veggies you just plant once and they will regrow again. A very cool and fun experiment. Plus as you can see it is quite colorful and pretty. This project will end in three weeks, for evaluation purposes. We will just let them keep growing if they are growing. They were placed out where they would get lots of sun, but no rainfall.

We have a lot of experiments to do this year. So, if your kids are hands on learners, check back often. Caitlin had another Science one today, and DJ too.

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