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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Diffusion and Osmosis Science Lab Experiment

This is my weekend to work, starting tomorrow night.  The kids and I decided when I have to work, and nap, they will do independent work while I am asleep.  In the morning we will set up the Osmosis and Diffusion lab for DJ's Marine Biology.  Caitlin will also participate and discuss results.  The one in the textbook, I did not have all the supplies, so I am going with this one.  DJ records all his findings in his notebook.  Then we will check our Earth Kids project for this month, and I think it needs some adjustments.  Caitlin will read a chapter of Black Beauty, and do a writing assignment on her blog.  I think I am going to have her write about how her day would be if she got to work on a horse farm for a day.  DJ will also be doing a writing assignment on his blog, about his Summer Vacation.  I have located some essay topics for 9th grade, and he will be having them assigned through the year.  He will also be finishing his hand drawing Art project, so I can share them all here on the blog.

On this past Wednesday, we started our third year of our Run/Walk Club.  We had to cut it down to only one day a week this year, but it also serves as a nature walk, and socialization with friends.

It has been a good and complete first full week of school.  

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