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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Florida Dept Of Education Announces Improvements

The Florida Dept of Education, has announced that the overall ranking of Florida schools, has jumped from a score of 14, to a 10. This is the statement given to the public: Governor Charlie Crist today announced that Florida’s education ranking jumped from 14th to 10th in the nation, and its overall grade improved from a C-plus to a B-minus, according to the 2009 Quality Counts: Portrait of a Population report released today. The report, issued annually by Education Week, tracks state policies and performance across key areas of education and assigns each state with an overall letter grade to signify their education standing in the nation. This is obviously good news, to anyone that uses the public school system, in Florida. Even though I homeschool, I find this encouraging, you never know if you might have to send your children to public school someday.

Lesson Plans for 1/12/09:

Reading: Read chapter 2 of Dolphins at Daybreak
Language Arts: Adverbs, capitalization
Math: Multiplication, division, place value
Writing: If you could be one age forever, what would it be, and why
Fire Drill week: practice fire escape routes
Spelling: Lesson 15- write each spelling word, 2x each
Vocabulary: Lesson 15- look up the definition for each word
Spanish: Food and utensils part 3
Art: Feb puppy picture


choopixie said...

You have a very cool site about education. One of my passion. Thanks for the useful education links :)

betchai said...

that's great Melissa. Know what? Visiting your blog almost everyday makes me want to homeschool the only problem is I do not have a child to homeschool :(

I think I would love it so much being directly involved with the education of my child especially in his/her early years. You are such a great example especially you are sharing your lesson plans each day.

Melissa said...

choopixie: Thank you, and I have tons more links to add, when I get a minute lol.

betchai: thank you so much, I really do enjoy teaching my children. I learn, or relearn, as they do, it is quite amazing. The lesson plans are more for record keeping, but if someone else can use them, or find them helpful then that makes me happy.

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