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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Homeschool Grants

So I have been thinking, as my children get older, their homeschool supplies will only increase. Especially as they get into middle, and high school. So I was wondering if I could apply for a Homeschool Grant. I did some research, and the results were not all that optimistic. It seems it is very difficult to actually get a Homeschool Grant. Matter of fact research said, Microsoft is pretty much the only company that has awarded Homeschool Grants. Ah Ha but I love a challenge. So I am going to try getting said grant. I am not 100% sure yet, how to go about it. If anyone has any experience in writing a grant, I would love to hear from you. This could take me a while, but it is a good goal. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow is test day, and a half day, so there are no lesson plans to post.


SmallWorld at Home said...

I'll be interested to hear how your grant proposal goes!! I've often thought this is something HSLDA needs to get into--encouraging companies to fund grants for homeschoolers.

Melissa said...

If you have any tips, I would love to hear them. I have never done one before.

Brenda Lee & son inlaw said...

I am not sure how it is done, but years ago when I was homeschooling my children a lady that also homeschooled her children was getting grants for many things. When asked she said does not private schools get grants. The answer is yes, so get the school registered by selecting a name of the School and list it as a private school, non profit and many things happen.

My children were almost through school at that time so I decided to watch. I know many people still in Homeschooling their children...Now have Homeschooling Non Profit Names they al go by. You can select your board from other homeschooling parents. Just follow the laws and see where it takes you. Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

I just started Homeschooling this year my daughter is in the 6th grade. It has been a challenge trying to find grants for her education so good luck wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Im wondering if any one out there could or would be willing to give me their preschool thru 2nd grade books. I have 3 I currently need to start schooling. I would appreciate any & all help & donations. Thanks & God Bless. Please email me if you can help. (or)

oshawn said...

OShawn.....If your in the North Carolina area, I just foud a scholarship that can be used for homeschoolers. max a yr is 2150, its with Childrens Scholarship Fund. Other states have it too.
Good Luck...

Blessed To The Fullest said...

Were you able to find any type of travel grant for homeschoolers? We are studying countries and cultures this year and know that it would benefit our children phenomenally if we could actually visit one of the countries! Thanks for letting me know!

feyaleo said...

To Blessed to the Fullest, I've been thinking the same for getting travel grants for my homeschooled children, since they practice 5 different languages at home. Thanks for letting me know as well.

Anonymous said...

You know, the HSLDA does, in fact, support homeschoolers in financial crisis. You do have to provide your financial information and prove your need, but there are grants available at Doing a web search also does provide some help on homeschool grant information. Check with your local homeschool co-ops and with local organizations as well. There are usually plenty of people willing to help, if you ask the right questions and are willing to put the time into it. Blessings! Elisha Shepard

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