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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OMG I Have Forgotten Algebra, and I Am Freezing

As you can see from my picture I am freezing, again. We had almost a whole month of 80 degrees. Shorts, tees, open window, and now brr back to the big freeze. It is 48 degrees right now, here in N Florida at Noon time. Ugh it is awful. I knew I should have kept my snowsuit from when I lived up North. Unfortunately it is going to be this way all week, and I might be a popsicle by then.

It seems I have forgotten how to do Algebra lol. Math was one of my best subjects in school, and now poof I seem to have erased my brain. To my credit it has been over 20 yrs since I used the majority of it. Obviously not all of it is gone, but the harder stuff has magically disappeared. Good thing my son, is not yet learning this, it gives me time to re-teach myself. Grr it is so embarrassing.

Lesson Plans for 1/15/09:

Reading: Chapter 5 Dolphins at Daybreak
Language Arts: adjective and adverbs, punctuation
Math: Multiplication, division, count by 100's, 10's and 1's
Writing: Imagine you are a dolphin, write about your day
Fire Drill Week: Discuss fire hazards and prevention
Health: Parts of the body
Spelling: Put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 15- write each vocab word, and the definition 2x each
PE- 30 minutes


betchai said...

one of the joys of teaching is you also get to re-teach yourself :) wow, from 80s to 40s, we are reversed, we had been 50s high most of the time (for the whole month) and now we are in the 70s high, i think we will be in the 70s til sunday and we'll be in 60s starting next week which is not bad. only the night goes to 40s or 30s :) consistently here, unless the sun won't come out at all which is not very often that mid-day can stay at 30s or 40s (very seldom). winter we have more sun, we have least sun during april, may and june, these are our gloomy months.

Sherrie said...

LOL! I'm glad I have a few years before I have to teach algebra. And -- the re-learning is always fun. :)

Melissa said...

betchai Tonight it is going to be 18. I do not ever remember it being that cold here. Not a lot of sun today making it worse. Hopefully next week will be warmer.

sherrie: I have a little bit of time to relearn it. I am not looking forward to it.

betchai said...

aws, i think i already have forgotten what 18 is like melissa :)

Rhonda said...

As a homeschooling mom I was dreading the 'algebra' years! I am amazed at how much of it came back when I started teaching it though. This year (with Algebra 2) we are using a curriculum that teaches a lot of it for me, so that is a big help!

Melissa said...

Rhonda, thank you. You have inspired me, and made me less nervous.

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