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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Ball Pictures

Don't they look stunning, and happy. I love a ball. You get all dressed up, and feel like Cinderella, for a night. Congratulations to President, and Mrs Obama, and Vice President, and Mrs Biden. I had the Inauguration on through out the day, and saw bits, and pieces of it. I saw a little bit of the 10 Balls that were on last night. I really do not think, with the economy the way it is, that 10 Balls necessary. One sad story, that occured yesterday, was Senator Ted Kennedy had a seizure, and had to be taken to the hospital. Reports are, is he is doing better, and will probably go home today.

Lesson Plans for 1/22/09:

Reading: Read chapter 8 of Dolphins at Daybreak
Language Arts: Parts of speech, punctuation
Math: Multipliation, division, estimating
Writing: Robin Hood wants you to join his team. What special talent will you bring to the group?
Health: Exercising your mind- emotions
Spelling: Put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Write each vocab word, and the definition, two times each
Spanish: Food and utensils 3


betchai said...

it was my first time to see the inauguration Melissa, and I never realized it takes almost a whole day. Anyway, I like that picture, they look stunning and happy.

Melissa said...

Yes I think this is the first time I really paid attention. I guess because I homeschool now, I pay attention to a lot of things I did not before. I had no idea it was an all day event. They must have been exhausted.

tikno said...

Interesting picture (political dance)

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