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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Husbands New Toy

We go back to school on Monday, so I will be posting lesson plans again, starting tomorrow. Whenever we are out of school, I find different things to blog about. It could be related to family, parenting, education, Florida, or the county we live in. Ideas, tips, and other info is also valuable for me to blog about. Sometimes I just pick something totally random, that I think is interesting. I find this helps to keep my blog diversified, and not boring. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas break, and time to get back to school.

That is my husband on his brand new toy, and whole gift package for the year of 2009. Ever since we bought this house, he has been nagging me to buy him a riding lawn mower. To me this is a waste of money, the yard is big but not that big. Anyway I finally gave in, and it was delivered all shiny and new yesterday. We were able to finance it, and I only agreed because he said it would cover all his gifts for 2009. That includes Valentines Day, Easter, Fathers Day, Birthday, and Christmas. At 1,300 dollars I guess that is more than reasonable.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.


betchai said...

it's a big yard for me melissa :) hope your husband gets to enjoy riding is lawn mower.

Melissa said...

LOL that is what he said. It is such a big yard. He loves it, that is all that matters, I guess.

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