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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tips For Learning Vocabulary

Yesterday I posted some tips for teaching spelling, here are some of the methods we use to learn vocabulary words.

Each week I pick 10 words from our spelling list. These are the vocabulary words for the week. As with spelling every day we go over the meaning of each vocabulary word. These are the other activities we do every day, for Vocabulary.

Monday- using a standard Websters Dictionary, look up the meaning for each word, and write it on your paper.

Tuesday- Use each vocabulary word in a complete sentence. Use each word only one time each.

Wednesday- Think of either a synonym, or an antonym for each vocabulary word. I generally alternate this from week, to week.

Thursday- Write each vocabulary word, and the meaning two times each.

Friday- Test to see how much was retained.

One other thing that I find to be very helpful is, if DJ finds a word during his readings that he does not know, I have him look it up in the dictionary rather than just telling him what it means.

I hope everyone is having a marvelous Tuesday.


betchai said...

that's actually a great tip melissa, instead of telling him the meaning, by asking him to look for the meaning in the dictionary, you are teaching him to be resourceful, and also, how to read more.

Melissa said...

It was actually his idea, and then we had to stick to it. It was kind of hard at first, because it was just easier to tell him the answer.

betchai said...

wow, he must really be an eager learner! hat's great to know.

Melissa said...

He is very easy to teach, in almost all subjects.

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