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Monday, July 28, 2014

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Grade 6

I love these books. I usually buy one each year, up to say 8th grade, then I move away from them. These are not meant to be stand alone curriculum, but a fun way to refresh or fill busy work in a day. They are fun and educational. This year I had one given to me, by a homeschooler who put her kids in public school. Even though it is a grade ahead of where my daughter will be this year, I want her to be challenged. So, I will use it.

DJ's curriculum is all planned out. That just leaves me to finish up Caitlin's and get our calendar together. My FIL is coming to visit the second week of Sept, so our new school year will be delayed slightly by a week. That broke the kid's hearts.

We continue with our Geography State Capital game, and the kids are starting to remember a lot of them. Plus the Math money game, I posted in the previous post, is working wonders for Caitlin. I did have to add some regular coins to the jar, just to be sure she actually knew the coins not just the decimal amounts written on the bottle tops. I could not be more pleased with the results.

She is also playing a Math card game, made by myself, that I will share as soon as I remember to take some pictures. She is doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and place value to millions with the cards. One more game, the noun, verb, adjective and adverb game. This is easy to do. I ask her to tell me the definition for each thing. After that I tell her to write three nouns on her paper, three verbs, three adjectives that would describe her nouns, and three adverbs to describe her verbs. Then she has to write a sentence with a noun, adjective, verb and adverb from her choices using proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. So far it is working amazingly well. I hope to add conjunctions and homophones before the end of Summer.

We are currently only doing school two days a week, over the Summer.

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