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Friday, July 4, 2014

Free or Frugal Homeschool Friday

I know last week I missed it.  I had family here visiting, and just did not get to it.  This week, I got half of one homeschool portfolio done, lol and forgot to buy a binder for the second.  I will have to go pick one up today.  The hardest part is sorting through everything we have done, and deciding what I want to put in the portfolio.  This takes a while.  Plus I got distracted by watching Hurricane Arthur, the ding dong Daddy of the year in Georgia, and drawing/painting.  My son turns 14 today, and will be home from camp later today.  He had so much fun, and I can tell you Camp Anderson in Old Town, FL was a huge hit.  Because today is Independence Day, I thought I would share some links for how we got our independence.

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