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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Florida Homeschool Evaluations Done

Today, was our homeschool evaluations. Our evaluations are due by the anniversary date of our Letter of Intent. We are early this year, since not due until the end of August. However, I always make them early just in case any emergencies occur and the date need to be changed. For Florida there are only three things needed to complete your evaluation. This is for a portfolio evaluation by a certified teacher. You could also choose to see a Psychologist to have your child evaluated, in Florida. You need a portfolio with a sampling of school work completed through the year, a reading list of books read through the school year, and a log of daily activities. This year I decided to make a calendar for each month, for each child, and what they did each day. This was just neater, and more organized to me. I will be doing one for DJ for each subject, and each month, since he starts high school in September. This will assure that I have proper documentation of hours spent on each subject, to earn credits needed for 9th grade. I will be going to his blog next, and writing out the schedule he and I have agreed on for 9th grade, with websites to be used where needed. You can view his blog by clicking here.

Caitlin will also have a writing blog next year, but that is still in the works. 

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