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Friday, July 18, 2014

Free or Frugal Homeschool Friday: Art Lessons

Today, I am focusing on Art for Free or Frugal Friday.  I believe I only saved free ones, but some may have the option to purchase more lessons or supplies.  I already downloaded a free Drawing Curriculum, but I can no longer share it, because the giveaway has expired.  I may use that one, but there are several others I found that I like more, or just as much as the one I downloaded.  So, I am still undecided.  Kinderart, and Math Art Projects look to be two that I am definitely leaning towards.  But, I also want them to learn the Masters as well.  Maybe we will do the Masters another year.  You can always make your own Art Curriculum, but that does take a quite a bit of time.  There are quite a few links, so be sure and look through them carefully.  The book at the bottom, Draw and Write Through History, I am considering getting for my youngest child.  There are six books in the series.  She enjoys these kinds of books.

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