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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Make Your Own Money Learning Game with Household Items

This can also be a recycling or upcycling project for your school lessons. My daughter loves to learn through play. Online games or nice, or apps on the tablet, but hands on games are even better. Money, adding coins and making change, is one of the areas she needs great improvement in. I saw on Pinterest where someone had made an alphabet game using these same type items, and it made me think why not make it a money game. I used caps from water bottles, a jar I had already painted, a Pringles top which fit the jar perfectly, and some buttons for extra coins.

First decorate your jar if you want. Cut a hole in the Pringles top. Right various denominations of coins on the water bottle tops with markers. The buttons are extra money. The small buttons can be either 1 cent or 10 cent, and the larger either 5 cent or 25 cents. Then make a menu of items your child frequently eats throughout the day. You can print one too, but my printer is currently not behaving itself.

Then for each meal, with your help especially at first, the child picks what they want to eat and adds up enough coins to make the correct amount. After they get the hang of it you can make change too. You may need more buttons or tops. I have not tried it yet, so can not judge. Of course you could use real coins, but ours get thrown in a large container for savings and they are a pain to get out. Besides this was more fun to make. Plus with the decimals written out on the tops, they can learn their decimals as well. She will be adding them up on paper as well. Add in equivalent fractions and percents too, to make it more challenging as you go along. I will be starting this with her tomorrow. I am hoping by the time we go back to regular lessons, she will be a whiz at this.

Now if I could find a parts of speech and punctuation hands on game I will be happy.

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