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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mystic Jungle Education Facility at the Fizz Boom Read Library Program in Trenton

Today, was the first day of the Summer program at the Trenton Public Library, which is part of the Three Rivers Regional Library System. The educational facility, Mystic Jungle was the first of four weeks of fun. I did not see this last year, but some of the people I went with did. I thought they did an amazing job, and yes that is a snake on his hat. They had a Bobcat, lots of snakes, tarantula, lemur, and a lot of other really cool animals to share. They have a website, and their facility is located in Live Oak, FL. I was told they offer tours for free, for homeschoolers, so I might just have to check that out. DJ did not go, he thought he was too old, but he wishes he did now, lol. The library program runs for four weeks, on Thursday, and like I said today was week one. I intended to go next week, but forgot we have a prior commitment on that day, so we will have to miss that one.

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