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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Easing Back Into A New Homeschool Year With Art Class

We don't actually star our new homeschool year until, September 15th. But, I wanted to start to ease the kids back into some lessons. We have not done any for about two weeks now, not even a day or two like we were doing. So, I decided tonight we would start our new Art classes. The first lesson was on shading. The lesson lets you choose what to draw, after sharing examples of items with shading. DJ actually free handed a Buck for his project. How impressive! I did fruit, nuts, and leaves all at the base of a tree for a Fall Harvest piece. Caitlin went with cone shape trees. She actually did color it in and added a deer to hers, but somehow it did not get a final picture. We will do one lesson each week. I thought it was going to be Tues evenings, but apparently my hubby does not want it at that time. So, probably Monday evening, during my painting time.

I will be signing Caitlin up for Time4Learning on the 1st, so she can start at least one class a day, of her choice. DJ will continue with his American History. Caitlin also has started reading Black Beauty, one of the books I was going to have her read anyways. She will do a book report and Art project when done, on her blog. She is not used to full book reports, so this will be a learning experience, and I might have to help her at first. Both kids will be doing a blog post on their Summer Vacations within the next week.

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