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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snake Skin At the Springs!

If you follow this blog, then you know for the past several weeks we have been visiting our local springs with friends. We have one more day, next Wed, and then one more trip to Blue Springs the week after that. Yesterday, we went to Fanning Springs. I did not bring the camera, and left the phone in the car. We already have tons of pics of Fanning. It was quiet there, hardly anyone there. The kids immediately went up to the observation deck, and then they were going to jump off the dock. While up on the observation deck, one of them stepped on something. Yep you guessed it, a snake skin! I don't know when it shed the skin, but it had to be pretty recent. It has been breezy here, the past few days, and one can safely assume it would have just blown off the deck. It is very light. Of course DJ had to keep a piece of it. He was sure it was a rattlesnake skin. I was not so sure. After some research you can see from the two images, DJ's with the blue background, and the other image, and it appears it is a rat snake skin. Rat snakes are nice snakes, and help keep the environment clean. I still couldn't help looking around for the snake that lost his skin. I just ordered a new microscope, should be here today, and we will be looking at the skin under that. Awesome!

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