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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Still Planning for Fifth Grade and Visit To Our Beautiful Springs

On Friday, both kids had sleepovers with friends. One was for a birthday party. So, my husband and I went out to dinner, with no children. OMG is that different, lol. Then yesterday, I met back up with the kids, at Fanning Springs State Park, for a get together with the kids who did not get to celebrate DJ's birthday with him. It was hot, and the water was beautiful. I am always leery of the springs this time of year. I have visions of crazy teens with loud music, and a lot of not nice language. But, none of that happened. It wasn't even that busy, and everyone had a blast. Our pool has bit the dust. We have had it for 7 years, and it just has worn out. I am not buying another pool. Instead I am going to buy a one year state park pass. Since the kids and I love to walk the trails, and see the wildlife, plus swim this will be perfect for us. Hopefully my husband will join in. I think next year, DJ and Craig are going to get scuba certified, then he will have to go in the springs, lol.

I am still trying to decide for fifth grade, with Caitlin. She wants Time4Learning, I am not that optimistic for it. I will let her do parts of it, like the Language Arts, History and Science. I think I still want to supplement though. She will do the Math games with me, she is doing well, and Life of Fred. So, I continue to look, read, and evaluate. She did really well with the Evan Moor books for History, two years ago. I might go back to them. I like things that were successful in the past.

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