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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gilchrist County 4H Award Banquet 2014

Those of you who follow this blog, and our activities, knows that I am a huge fan of 4H. My kids have both been in it for 4 years. Each year, usually in August, the county holds the annual award banquet. DJ accomplished so much in 4H this year, that he won 4Her of the year, for the intermediates. Both won Gold certificates for the 4H portfolio, and blue ribbons for their project books. No 100 Club this year. But, that is OK. It gives us something to strive for next year. Our little county grew a lot, in new 4Hers. There were a ton of first year pins handed out. 4H is an affordable, and fun way for kids to learn leadership and team work. I highly recommend it!

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