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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finally Decided For Fifth Grade Homeschool

Because my daughter learns differently than my son, I had a bit of a time deciding what to do for her for 5th grade.  But, I finally decided.  Here is what she will be doing.

Time4Learning:  Language Arts and Science
Evan Moor:  History books shown below.  She really likes these and retains the info well.
Writing:  Creative writing once a week, to be posted to her blog.  Topic TBD by myself
Spelling:   This website worked wonders for her last year
Reading:  Even though reading comprehension is done on T4L I will probably have her read other books as well.
Math:  We will be focusing on Math a lot.  I have decided to do Saxon 54, Life of Fred, and the Math card game we are currently playing.  I will share that on Friday.

It seems like a lot of Math, but she needs a lot of Math right now.  That is my main priority and focus.  On Friday, I will also share the standards I want each of them to accomplish.  I still have to finish them, and update or change things.  I am not making a calendar this year.  The last few years we did not stick to it anyways.  We are doing Run Club every Wed, and that is all I am certain of right now.  Time 4 Learning does Ancient Civilizations for 5th grade.  Caitlin did this in the 4th grade.  That is why I opted for the Evan Moor books. There are a couple of extra books shared, that I am still considering, but have not decided.  Right now I am holding off on the 4H project books, until I know which book our group decides the group is going to be doing.  I also like this Florida Unit Study, and she will most likely be doing that a well for History.   We will also be doing an Art curriculum this year, on Tuesdays in the evening.  She will be doing a basic cooking class in the evenings as well.  Here is the link to the cooking lessons. 

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