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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amazon Free App of the Day King of Math

The free app of the day, for Feb 11th, 2015 is King of Math.  I don't normally share apps, but every now and then I find one I really like, and must share.  Now, the kids have not even used this yet, but the reviews are very good.  It is rare that an app has reviews without any negativity. 

We have a super busy day today, so this is a short post.  I did not expect it to be this busy, lol.  We are walking in the morning, with our walking friends.  Then, my husband will be going to get the new tub.  DJ will get his first real experience of moving furniture into, and out of a double wide, when we go pick up a dining room table, and hutch.  Friends of ours are moving, and they didn't want to take it with them.  They offered an awesome price, so we bought it.  Then, we have to go look at new bathroom cabinets and sinks.  Finally, while the kids, and I, are at church, the hubby will be going to get a couch, love seat, and chair, from other friends who are remodeling their whole house and asked if we wanted it.  So, for a little bit of money, very little, our little house is getting a make over.  Yay!!!

As long as all goes well, tomorrow we will resume a regular school day.  It will be test day, and experiments.  This weekend, our under house pipes are all getting replaced, and I will hide in the garage to clean it, and pretend I don't know my house is being ripped apart. 

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