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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rainforest Journey, 2nd Quarter Report Cards and Colonial Log Cabin Art

I have not had much time to blog.  I am behind on a few things.  Both kids did their writing assignment, about whether they would want to be a child during Colonial Times.  I too was supposed to do on, one being a woman in Colonial Times.  I did a bunch of research, and am leaning towards no, but I still have to write it out. 

Both kids finished their Mayflower art, I did not.  Today, we are moving onto log cabin art.  The purpose is to draw a simple log cabin, like the colonists would have built.  They were not fancy homes, just simple shelters to keep warm, and dry.  Today, will also be test day, only Math today.

Over the weekend, with all the other craziness going on, I finished up our second quarter report cards.  Both kids did awesome!  DJ even got an A in Math, which he has been trying so hard for.  Homework assignments, with review work, helped him a lot, and keeps up  with older skills.  Nothing will change for him this quarter.  He likes the Hands on Algebra app, though he doesn't get to use it much.  Caitlin also is doing well.  She had a huge jump in her Science score, mainly due to improved test taking skills.  Her Math stayed the same, but I can already see improvement using CK12, even though it is harder, due to Common Core Standards, so far she is getting the hang of it.  History, she really has no interest in, even though she is doing fun History.  I don't push the issue that much.  Writing has improved 100 percent since the first quarter, but she is no where near where I want her to be.  Third and Fourth quarter for her, will concentrate on Math and Writing, with other subjects after to fill the day.  She is now doing Rainforest Journey, a homeschool curriculum that was offered to us for free.  This is not a long curriculum, and she should have no problem finishing it.  However, I would like her to slow down, and take notes to improve test scores. 

I am researching Dual Enrollment, and some FLVS for DJ.  I think FLVS is a given, for next year, not all courses, but maybe Language Arts and History.  I also want him to do the 5 hour driving on FLVS.  I won't look to dual enroll until the 11th grade.  I don't think he will be quite ready for that by 10th grade. 

Friday, we are going to one of the local springs for some outdoor fun with friends.  They will have a special writing assignment to do that day.  Hopefully Caitlin will be able to find some animal tracks too, to take pictures of for her 4H book. 

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