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Saturday, February 21, 2015

American History Art: Week Two Log Cabin Drawings

For week 2 of our American History Art class, we drew log cabins. The kids were not told how to draw their art. The only directions was to draw a log cabin like the Colonial Americans would have had. So, I was glad to see they both drew their cabins in the woods, as did I. They both wanted to leave them as pencil drawings, so I said OK. I think they would look nicer with color, but hey whatever. Mine is not finished yet. I still have to add the outhouse somewhere, and mine will be painted. Speaking of unfinished, I have not finished my Mayflower painting yet. Good grief! Probably Monday, and Tuesday I will catch them all up. For Wednesdays Art class, next week, I decided to do some Mardi Gras Art, and some French cooking. I decided to add some Geography into our Wednesday fun day lessons. We now will do experiments, writing, Art, test day, and Geography on Wednesdays. Nothing major, just some fun stuff. I will try to do the Geography around holidays, or celebrations. Madis Gras will be both for French history, and New Orleans.

We had to cancel our trip to the springs, yesterday, due to it being so cold. I am hoping to reschedule it for a few weeks from now. Have an awesome weekend!

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