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Friday, February 13, 2015

Mayflower Art and Painting A Bathroom Vanity and Top

Instead of starting a new Art curriculum, after we completed one, I decided to use American History as a basis for our art work for the rest of this year. Both kids are studying American History this year, so it works nice. We started with the Mayflower. Both kids used colored pencils for their medium. I really need a new pencil sharpener, lol. I always use paints, and mine is incomplete. I want mine at night, with a full moon, and big waves. Hopefully I can finish it soon. I will use their art work at the end of the year to make something super special.

Speaking of painting, our house is getting a bit of a makeover. We got some new dining room furniture, as well as living room furniture. Not exactly new, but very gently used, and like new. Starting tomorrow we are updating the plumbing under the house. If you own a double wide, or any mobile home, you know exactly what I am referring to. We have had several leaks, with water damage, all of which is getting fixed tomorrow, or most of it anyways. The guest bathroom, which is the main bathroom will have a new tub, shower, floor, tiles, and faucets. The other bathroom, in our bedroom, will eventually also get a new tub, and floor. But, I got thinking. Before all that gets done I should update the vanity. They were extremely expensive, and more than what we wanted to spend on a 20 year old double wide. So, we bought a new sink, and faucets, and I painted the top, and cabinets. I then added vines, white accents and white flowers. There was enough paint left to paint the shower walls, bathroom walls, and the laundry room, all of which will be done at a later date. So for a fraction of the cost, and about 8 hours of time, I basically have a new vanity.

I found my log book, so I am very happy about that.

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