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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daily Log

Apparently, I have misplaced my daily log book.  I can not find it anywhere.  In Florida, you have to keep a daily log of activities.  So, until I find the book, I will have to log them here, then copy them over.  I do not log homework hours.

Monday January 26, 2015

Caitlin:  Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar, History, and Science.

DJ:  Science:  60 minutes
Japanese:  30 minutes
Music:  30 minutes
Reading:  30 minutes
Math:  60 minutes
History:  60 minutes
Nutrition:  30 minutes.

Tuesday January 27, 2015-  the same as above for both children.  DJ also had Guitar Club for 90 minutes.

Wednesday January 28, 2015  DJ also attended evening church

Caitlin:  Math, Reading, Grammar and Writing

DJ:  Math:  60 minutes
History:  30 minutes
Science:  30 minutes

Thursday January 29, 2015-  Snow Day, lol

Friday January 30, 2015-  the same as Monday January 26th for both children.

Saturday January 31st 4H County Events

Monday February 2, 2015  Same as Monday January 26th for both children.  DJ finished the 3rd Hunger Games book, and did his book report. 

Tuesday February 3, 2015.  Same as Monday January 26th, for both children.  Caitlin finished the first Warriors book, and started her book report.  Caitlin will get 30 min of guitar lessons from her brother, each Tuesday, as he has Guitar Club Tuesday evenings.  We are also walking this morning, before lunch.

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