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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Minecraft Homeschool, Sploder and Mardis Gras History

I am always looking for ways to make school more enjoyable, yet still educational.  I also like to let the kids pick some of their interests to learn about.  I would prefer they do them together, but they really have different interests now.  So, I asked them each to pick three things they would like to learn about.  DJ picked:  training the dogs, space and game making.  I kind of knew he would pick game making, lol.  So, I introduced him to Sploder, and he began making a game.  Sploder is free, but if he really loves it, I will look at other options for next year.  Once his game is live, he can play other games to earn power ups for his game, and updating it.  Kind of cool if you ask me.  Most likely both kids will get this free time on Tuesdays. 

I found on Educents, a Minecraft set on sale, for Writing and Math.  The math is all angles and Geometry, which makes sense considering the game.  She actually gets to play the game, then complete the assignments.  At only 5 dollars, I would say it is a great deal.  Educents also has a mod game for Minecraft, which if I understand correctly allows them to learn coding.  Not really sure about it, but might check into it for next year.  I have no affiliate with Educents, so I don't earn a thing for telling you about this. 

On Wednesdays, we usually do Art.  But, since I could not decided what I wanted us to do, I skipped it.  I have decided for next week though, lol.  DJ is reading about the Trail of Tears, a book I read first.  So, I think we will do some Native American Art.  Next on his list is 12 Years A Slave.  I also read that book.  We will watch the movie after, and maybe even dabble in some Art for that topic.   Not sure. 

Since Mardi Gras was this month, our first Geography lesson was a history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  We used the materials below, with some entertaining discussions.  For dinner we made some French Toast.

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